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Wave Telemarketing has been telemarketing locally and nationally Since 1992. " Telemarketing Works- Let Us Make It Work For You! " ..... " It's Like Having a Call Center in Your Back Office: " = these are the two quotes we have been using for the past 26 years to describe our outbound, call center and it remains true to this day! ... that's why WAVE is still in the local and national market all these years, while other phone room start-ups are around a short while and then are gone like yesterdays' newspaper! Plus:references always furnished upon request. We give your business a decisive, competitive edge over the competitors: an ability by us to quickly and continuously produce highly qualified sales-ready, live appointments and/or qualified leads that result in getting you new customers along with increased revenue and profits! The compressed sales cycles, and increased sales rep productivity has helped Wave Telemarketing establish itself as a reliable provider of sales lead generation and live appointment setting. Wave Telemarketing has a team of call center experts who conduct a focused review of your new business development needs to design a targeted and customized, telemarketing campaign that will increase your sales and bottom-line in a way that is highly different from other phone room competitors. We’re in the business of building long-term client relationships and ultimately building long-term value for your business or professional practice!

Our objective at Wave Telemarketing is to help you improve your sales and bottom-line return on your telemarketing investment via helping your business develop a sustainable (front-end) sales process to generate and manage new business development opportunities, while increasing “qualified sales face-time” for your sales organization.

Wave Telemarketings' experience and research shows that the volume of sales that a company can produce is highly dependent on the volume of sales opportunities that are in the company’s pipeline. Accordingly, our approach is to help businesses optimize the volume of leads into their funnel and to manage those leads through to qualified sales-ready leads.

It is our belief that the role of the sales rep is to sell; the question then becomes, as you breakdown weekly/monthly activity, what is the actual time being allocated to new business development- or active sales cycles via telemarketing?

Wave Telemarketing provides outbound telemarketers and telemarketing services that can add value to your residential or B2C ( Business-to-Consumer )  and B2B  ( Business-to-Business )  sales lead generation and appointment setting campaigns.

Wave Telemarketing has competent, educated and enthusiastic telemarketers with outbound telemarketing experience; they have worked for years in Americas' ( and Canada too ) best call centers; most importantly, they are motivated and eager to deliver on results and adhere to processes necessary to achieve results. WAVE telemarketers make anywhere from 50 to 350 calls a day, depending on the nature of the campaign.

Wave Telemarketing can quickly help you launch an effective outbound telemarketing campaign for your company, enterprise, doctor's office, white or blue collar industry, business, etc. Wave Telemarketing provides everything our clients need FREE OF CHARGE to get their campaign launched and fueled, i.e., researched telephone call lists, free telescript writing, Do Not Call list " scrubbing "  ( for residential telemarketing,  ) and Google Earth views of potential neighborhoods and industrial parks and-so-on.

Typically, it can take as little as three days to get your telemarketing campaign off and running, but this can vary based on the complexity of your campaign. During this time, we will go over the telescript we have composed  for you (  getting your approval to use it; of course ) as well as start to compile the required residential or business-to-business call lists. Unlike most outbound telemarketing companies, we do not charge a fee to set-up your telemarketing program.   

When it comes to call center services, everyone talks about providing the best – best service, best people, and performance. How does Wave Telemarketing compare?  Who can give you the call center solutions that most fully align with your business or professional needs?  Let us prove to you how Wave Telemarketing takes the responsibility of representing your interests more seriously than the other telemarketing services companies. How we treat your name, product and service as if they were our own. You deserve the 26 years of call center experience which WAVE TELEMARKETING can afford you!

At Wave Telemarketing, we have the highest training standards, supervisor to agent ratios and conversion rates in the industry. Check the facts. See for yourself; how our comprehensive capabilities, from cost-effective to the creative help you achieve your business, corporate and professional practice goals! 

Thank you.

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866-278-5551  ~  203-930-0680