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 Our appointment setting services will get you that face-to-face meeting!

Appointment Setting has been the keystone of generating new business from the beginning of time.

There are very few businesses that do not use telemarketing for appointment setting in some shape or form.

Many businesses and professional practices invest over 90% of their marketing budget in appointment setting. Why? Because it works! There is nothing stronger, nothing more effective than a face-to-face meeting. The likelihood of closing a sale dramatically increases when you consult with a prospect face-to-face. And we make sure your sales people are meeting only with highly qualified prospects!

Appointment setting gets you in front of your prospects. For a period of time, you have the decision maker's undivided attention                          

Appointment setting is used by the largest Fortune 500 companies, and the smallest one-man shows.                      

  • Appointment setting is used by chiropractic doctors for new patient generation and patient reactivation!  ( WAVE does a lot of chiropractic telemarketing! )

  • Appointment setting is an extremely effective marketing tool for mortgage brokers, financial planners, insurance agents, contractors, and most service oriented businesses ( and practically everyone else! )

  • Virtually every industry relies on appointment setting for growth and profit! ( what other way do you get LIVE sales appointments? ) 

    Appointment setting requires good
    communication skills and persistence.

     Appointment setting requires a telemarketer that has the ability think on their feet, who isn't afraid to close. In appointment setting, you don't get the appointment, unless you ask for it.

    NOW! ---> Lead Generation

                                              Lead Generation Using Telemarketing

    Lead generation programs allow you to identify the residents and businesses that are your best possible prospects.

    Lead generation also allows you to discover your individual prospects questions, concerns, objections, and hot-button issues.

    Lead generation programs are the perfect marketing tool to properly qualify your prospects so your highly skilled, highly paid salespeople are not wasting their valuable time!

    Lead Generation Should NOT
    Be A Responsibility Of Your Salespeople

    Your sales team can let it's Lead Generation efforts be easily and cost-effectively outsourced to an experienced telemarketing call center with state-of-the-art technology and qualified staff! ( such as ED'S SURVEY SERVICE! )

    Outsourcing your sales lead generation keeps your salespeople doing what they should be : meeting face-to-face with qualified decision makers and selling!


    ED'S SURVEY SERVICE can have a lead generation and appointment-setting program up and
    running in just a few short days!

    You can turn the lead generation campaign ( and appointment-setting ) on and off as needed. It's fast, and takes very little effort on your part ...  ED'S does all the work!

    Letting ED'S SURVEY SERVICE telemarketing conduct your campaign also eliminates several headaches: if you do your lead generation in-house ( in-office, ) you are constantly advertising for telemarketers, hiring, training, and firing. If you want your in-house lead generation and appointment-setting efforts to perform at maximum efficiency, you must have a phone room manager in place to monitor your operators; you can't just leave them in a room unsupervised!

    Letting ED'S SURVEY SERVICE do it all, completely removes the liability and financial outlay of extra employees. When you outsource your lead generation and appointment setting ( telemarketing, ) you only pay for the exact work that is done. You do not have to pay for health benefits, vacation, sick days, social security, etc. . .

    Our Seasoned Staff Are Experts …
     … in The Art of Lead Generation and Appointment-Setting 
    ( not our actually staff  being shown in this photo, BUT we are still very good!! )

    " We Love, Ed's! "




ED KINON- director