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Telemarketing Scripts

Well-developed telemarketing scripts will open doors that you never even knew existed...

Telemarketing script development is an art. What most telemarketing firms don't realize is the fact that psychological elements are key in telemarketing script design. Psychologically developed telemarketing scripts offer a powerful advantage to telemarketers, and more importantly, to their clients.

So how come most telemarketing firms don't use psychological elements in their telemarketing scripts? Simply because this type of telemarketing script is psychologically and linguistically different; as human nature demonstrates, people tend to stick with what they know best and are hesitant to learn a new way of doing things. It also boils down to the fact that many telemarketers are not updated or trained on these new marketing techniques. The bottom line is simply ignorance and a lack of continuing, call center education.

ED'S SURVEY SERVICE Employs Neuro Linguistic Programming:
i.e., NLP Telemarketing Scripts

NLP telemarketing scripts incorporate the science and art of neuro linguistic programming to strengthen the power of the message in telemarketing scripts. There is nothing elaborate or complicated about an NLP telemarketing script. In fact, an NLP telemarketing script is usually of medium length and to the point. Its power is extremely subtle and often quite subliminal, producing a dynamic psychological impact.

With traditional telemarketing firms, research has shown that telemarketing scripts are usually the last factor considered when they launch a telemarketing campaign for a client. And when it finally comes to the point of script development very little consideration goes into the telemarketing script itself.

So Why Is The Telemarketing Script Commonly Neglected?

Every year millions of dollars are spent on telemarketing projects. Yet rarely does a project manager consider the importance of the telemarketing script. This is why most telemarketing scripts sound like they came out of can. The message is so scripted that the telemarketer sounds like they are "reading" the telemarketing script.

Can A Simple Telemarketing Script Change Increase Sales?

Telemarketing scripts that are developed for psychological impact can produce a such a tremendous response rate over traditional telemarketing scripts. Instead of using the typical telemarketing script "I'm calling on behalf of..." outline, ED'S TELEMARKETING uses neuro linguistic programming (NLP) telemarketing scripts to motivate the prospect and allow the telemarketer to continue with your presentation.                                     

A WAVE, NLP developed telemarketing script can also solve problems that may occur throughout the presentation. For example, a client of ours (a long distance service provider) had been using another call center for quite some time. They were not satisfied with the results they were receiving so they decided to give us a try.

First, we threw the old telemarketing script they were using in the trash and designed an NLP telemarketing script. What we did was develop a transitional question using the NLP concept of a predicate mix.

The new telemarketing script increased the success of qualifying the prospect because they related to the question. Problem solved! Our new client's sales almost doubled ...literally overnight.

Ever Get A Call From A Telemarketer Who
Sounds Like They Are Reading From A Script?

I don't think there is anything more annoying, insulting and downright unprofessional; ED'S SURVEY SERVICE telemarketers' are highly trained in script delivery. Our callers are skilled in responding to non-scripted interactions - they know how to listen as well as deliver the script. Our telemarketers pay attention to the the prospects use of words (visual, auditory, or kinesthetic) and deliver the script based on the prospect's predicate use. Another technique we use in script delivery is non-verbal methods, such as when to pause and listen, this helps build an instant rapport to get the action you desire from your prospects. We use the art of applying psychological selling skills in your telemarketing scripts and get the results you deserve! The right telemarketing script and offer are key ingredients in the success of your marketing campaign. Our talented telemarketing script development team has custom-tailored, innovative and compelling scripting for many of the largest corporations in the world - for virtually every industry imaginable! 

Thank you very much and we hope to hear from you soon!  ED KINON- director: ED'S SURVEY SERVICE




ED KINON- director