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  Telemarketing is the most interactive marketing medium available. Telemarketing allows you to answer your prospects questions, address their concerns, and overcome their objections.

Telemarketing is the only marketing medium that allows you to adjust your strategy midstream and make any changes at any time necessary to increase results. With telemarketing, you can change both your offer and audience with just one phone call. Telemarketing scripts can be edited with a moments notice. And telemarketing calling hours can be adjusted.

Where else can you change your marketing program on the fly? Telemarketing is the only medium that offers this flexibility.

Telemarketing provides you with immediate feedback & valuable information that can be quickly analyzed.

Telemarketing consistently outperforms all other forms of marketing and is the most powerful, cost-effective marketing vehicle available today. Telemarketing is a powerful, multi-billion dollar marketing vehicle. It should be part of your marketing plan.

Telemarketing is the only form of
advertising that requires an immediate response.

Newspaper and magazine ads, radio promotions, billboards or direct mail demand little or no immediate attention. They can all be ignored. Not telemarketing. When the phone rings, the natural response is to answer it. Rarely do you just ignore it.

Telemarketing provides you with a captive
audience the minute the phone is answered.

With telemarketing, you can instantly establish a conversation. It is much easier to get your message across when you engage in a dialogue and questions can be answered. Two-way communication using telemarketing is very powerful, and very productive.

Telemarketing provides you with endless
opportunities to increase and better your business.

Telemarketing is the ultimate marketing tool. Some popular outbound telemarketing applications include appointment setting, lead generation, surveys, market research, list cleaning, database update, seminar registration, fund raising, phone sales, and client reactivation... just to name a few.

Inbound telemarketing allows you to
respond and sell to your clients and prospects
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Telemarketing also has powerful inbound applications. Inbound telemarketing is perfect for order taking, customer service, any type of anwering service, after hours/overflow calls, taking credit card orders, voice mail service, dealer locator service, seminar registration, reservation desk, inquiry service, and direct immediate response to print ads and virtually any form of advertisement.

          We specialize in all forms of call center services, including outbound and inbound telemarketing.

      For more information on telemarketing or any other call center services, please fill out the form below, or Email us at:
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Outbound Telemarketing


Our outbound telemarketing services include a staff of seasoned telemarketing veterans.

Most outbound telemarketing companies try and cut financial corners by hiring high school students and minimum wage employees. Not us! The key ingredient for outbound telemarketing success is the quality of your staff.


If You Want Superior Results With Outbound Telemarketing
You Need Superior Sales People On The Phone!

Our average outbound telemarketing salesperson is 39 years old. The vast majority of our outbound telemarketing staff has previous sales experience. We offer extensive sales training, an aggressive salary and compensation plan that attracts the very best, which allows us to be selective when choosing our outbound telemarketing representatives.


When It Comes To Outbound Telemarketing,
You Definitely Get What You Pay For!

Our average outbound telemarketing expert makes over $13 per hour. Some of our full-time outbound telemarketing staff make well over $20 per hour. With over 1,000 outbound telemarketing salespeople on staff, we have the flexibility to be able to choose the person who is the best match for your project - a trained, qualified outbound telemarketing salesperson who has experience in your particular industry. Each one of our call centers makes over 100,000 outbound telemarketing calls a day!

Outbound Telemarketing Technology

When you combine the right people with state-of-the-art technology, you can't help but achieve powerful results! Our outbound telemarketing call centers are the most advanced in the country. All of our outbound telemarketing facilities can provide you with custom reporting, hot transfers, 3rd party verification, digital recording, digital backup, off-site monitoring, and web-enabled outbound telemarketing programs. All of our outbound telemarketing call centers are equipped with predictive, automated, and manual phone stations. With five outbound telemarketing call centers, we have all of our ducks in a row when it comes to the possibility of outage and disaster.



Outbound Telemarketing Services

We specialize in all forms of outbound telemarketing. All programs are personalized to your individual needs. Do you need to combine outbound telemarketing applications? No problem. Many outbound telemarketing programs we develop for our clients have more than one objective. For example, some of our clients combine appointment setting with database update, others combine phone sales with up-selling. Your wish is our command.

The outbound telemarketing services we offer include:

Appointment Setting
Lead Generation/Qualification
Phone Sales
Seminar Registration
List Cleaning/Database Update
Market Research
Direct Mail Follow-up
Trade Show Follow-up
Announce A Sale, Grand Opening, Or Special Event
Political GOTV & Grass Roots Campaigns
And any other B2B or consumer outbound telemarketing application!


Outbound Telemarketing - Creative Services

All of our outbound telemarketing programs include free script development. One of the key ingredients to a successful outbound telemarketing campaign is the quality of your script.

Our talented script writers goal is to develop an innovative and compelling script that motivates your prospects to act.

We have grown to be a multi-million dollar outbound telemarketing company by building long-term relationships with our clients. We want your program to succeed as much as you do, and we bend over backwards to make it happen!

For every new outbound telemarketing program, our creative department conducts a brainstorming session. We look at your products or services strengths, and what separates your company from the competition. Over the years, we have completed outbound telemarketing for virtually every industry imaginable. We know what offers work, and what offers do not.

Outbound Telemarketing Campaign Analysis

We pride our success on the knowledge and experience of our outbound telemarketing consultants. We are never shy about making suggestions and recommendations we feel will improve your results. Once the calling begins, we carefully analyze the feedback and results. Sometimes a program needs to be tweaked. Sometimes just minor changes are needed - other times we will completely change an offer. Outbound telemarketing provides you with the flexibility to quickly and easily change your program on the fly.

Free Outbound Telemarketing Set-up

All of our outbound telemarketing programs include free set-up, your own personal account manager, and free reporting. We also give you exclusivity. Most outbound telemarketing companies have no problem working for three or four similar industries in the same geographic area. Some of them share lists, some of them share leads! We have done outbound telemarketing long enough to know this type of unscrupulous behavior waters down the market and when your goal is to build a long-term relationship with your clients, it's tough to do if you are working for their competition!


For more information on outbound telemarketing, please fill out the form below, or Email us at info@5star-telemarketing.com
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Wave Telemarketing



Edgar Kinon- director