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                                                                                                     EDGAR KINON- director


                                                                                                        ROOFING-HAIL DAMAGE TELESCRIPT
This is _______with (Name of Company) — Hail Storm Hotline.
Because __CITY_experienced some of the largest hail in the metro area, we are providing free exterior property inspections for homeowners who live in areas that were most affected by the DATE storm.
Hail damage to your roof and gutters is often difficult to see from the ground, and it is important to know where you stand before additional storms roll in.
We will be in your neighborhood the next couple days, and I was calling to see based on your interest when would be a good time to schedule your free property inspection. ?
And just so you know how it works, depending on the size of your home — the inspection, usually takes no more than a half hour.  We will take pictures of your roof and other hard to see areas — and share them with you.

We are all booked up today, but we do have some openings ________and  the __________.
We Are available in the mornings, afternoons, or early evenings typically better for you?
Ok, let me see what we have available.   How about ______?
SET APPOINTMENT – What is your address?
Do you have any pets in your backyard, that our inspectors should be aware of?
Ok, great…the only other thing is that if we have rainfall at a time close to the appointment, we may have to re-schedule as the inspectors usually do not walk along wet roofs, as a safety precaution.
So, we will get you checked out at  __:00 pm …Have a good day, afternoon, evening, etc.

Damage from severe storms is often difficult to see from the ground, and you need an excellent pair of binoculars and a ladder.  Any licensed professional will tell you the best way to inspect a roof is while you’re standing on it.  But the good news is once we send someone out, there’s nothing you need to do other than point out any areas that are of concern.  When’s a good time for us to stop by..and I’ll check to see if we have an opening?
We’ve spotted damage on the vast majority of houses in CITY, so that’s why we are reaching out to you today..when would be a good time for me to have someone stop by?
Ok…what’s your address?

Again, this is a free inspection.
(Name of Company) has been serving the ___CITY___metropolitan area since_YEAR_.  We are experts at addressing any property related issues that pertain to the outside of the house.  When a storm occurs, we have found that early detection of impacted areas is a tremendous benefit to homeowners like yourself.
If something comes up unexpectedly you can reach me back on the number on your caller ID, otherwise, we look forward to seeing you at __:00 pm on __ day.

We already have this taken care of OR our insurance company is coming out.
That’s great!  We are encouraging homeowners to be proactive just like you.  Perhaps we can still help out.  COMPANY NAME has been serving the CITY metropolitan area since YEAR.  We are experts at addressing any property related issues and ensuring your insurance provides maximum coverage, so you don’t get shortchanged in this process, which happens many times.
I need an estimate.
Sure, no problem….Do you feel like your insurance company gave you a fair estimate?  Are you aware that you can select a contractor to supplement or add-on to the insurance claim so you get what you deserve?
That’s how we can help.  To ensure that you are getting the coverage you deserve, I’ll send out one of our storm restoration specialists.  He’ll make sure you’re being treated fairly.
Set appointment.


                                                                                                                                   Remodeling Group TeleScript


Hi, this is (agents name) calling from Home Improvements & Remodeling Group. How are you today?

Your house has been selected to receive a Free, No Obligation

to PRICING Estimate for Home Improvements such as windows replacement, siding, roofing, heating or air conditioning or even kitchen. Are you interested in receiving that FREE PRICING ESTIMATE from a local contractor for your home improvement? That way, never


Great and do you own the house? Must say yes, if no or renter, go to close. 

What kind of home improvements are you looking to have done? 

We can ONLY do the following type of home improvements & Remodelling Jobs:

  • Windows.
  • Sidings.
  • Roofing.
  • Bathroom OR Kitchen Remodelling.
  • Interior Painting. 

Ok, I just need to verify some of your information:

  • Your first & Last Name
  • Verify Physical Address (NO P.O. BOX Addresses Allowed)
  • Verify email (If any)
  • Confirm Phone number (10 Digit Phone Number)
  • What is the best time to call you back (Morning, Afternoon or Evening?)   

Ok now just so we are on the same page, you would like to get a free, no obligation pricing estimate for XYZ Home Improvement Correct? 

Customer: Yes. 

Great! And if you like the pricing you would get the work done within the next six months correct? 

Customer: Yes/Maybe/I will think about it/If I like the price I will. (OK)

Customer: No I will not do it in the next six months(go to courtesy close) 

Thank you for your time, today is (month, day) and one of our prescreened Contractors will contact you within the next few days to discuss your projects and provide you free PRICING estimate on your home improvements! 

Have a great day/evening.  

Courtesy Close: Thank you for your time and have a good evening/day.


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                                                                               " WE'RE-RIGHT-IN-THE-NEIGHBORHOOD "  CONTRACTOR'S SCRIPT

Hi _________, this is  (AGENT) calling from (Name of Company).  We’ll have a crew in your neighborhood doing some work this week and while we are out there our company is offering free quotes for homeowners in the area. Do you have any ROOFING/LANDSCAPING/ETC work you’ve been considering that you’d like us to get you a free quote on?

That’s great, I just need to verify we have your information correct:

I have your name as… _______________

and your address as…________________

and your phone number…_____________

What is the best time for you on DAY?

Thanks for your time and just to confirm we’ll be stopping by on DAY/TIME to take a look at ____

and get you a quote on having some work done.  Have a great day.


                                                       ANOTHER HAIL DAMAGE ROOFING ( also some home improvement ) TELEMARKETING SCRIPT


Sales Pitch:
> Hi, Mr/Mrs_________, this is __________ with (Name of Company), we are contacting homeowners to see where they are in the hail storm restoration  process, would it be OK if I ask you a few quick questions? (Whether they say yes or no, still ask) do you know if your home had storm damage?
> If no, would it be OK if we sent someone out to check to see if you have hail damage? There’s no cost or obligation, it’s a free inspection. Would tomorrow or (the next day) work best for you?
> If yes, ask:  has your insurance company determined that you have damage?
> If yes, ask:  have you signed a contract with a contractor yet?
> If yes, ask: have you given them a deposit?
> If yes, thank them for their time and hang up.
> If no, say:  I can help you get your damage fixed at no cost to you whatsoever.  We are a licensed and insured General Contractor and we would like to be able to show you what we can do to help you.  I have our service representatives in your area this week.  I have tomorrow at _______ or (the next day) at ________, which one of those times work best for you?
> Rebuttals:  we can get all of your damage repaired, with premium quality materials (Ex: Lifetime roof shingles, state-of-the-art synthetic under lament), and we can do this at no out-of-pocket expense to you, is there any reason you wouldn’t want a new roof at no cost?
> We are insurance specialists. We can get all of your damage replaced at no cost to you. We can help you get all of your storm damage paid for and replaced.
> Wouldn’t it make more since to have a professional deal with the insurance company on your behalf?
> Meeting with the insurance company without a contractor present is like going to court without a lawyer. You are at a disadvantage and will get short changed.
> We are a licensed and insured general contractor. We specialize in insurance claims for hail damage and we coordinate all of the different types of repairs involved in a hail storm claim.   It can be overwhelming for a homeowner to try to hire and coordinate all the different trades involved (ie. roofing co., a siding co., a window co., an air conditioning co., painter, etc.). We take care of everything for you.
> We are a local company with _   __  offices serving___STATE___. In SPECIFIC ADDRESS OF THE OFFICE. We provide the highest quality workmanship and premium materials.

These are a few Rebuttals and information that you can use to get the appointment. Always feel free to call me with questions. If you need help or coaching call me as well. (Name of Representative) at _____________

> You can book up to __ appointments every hour __________ and ___________.  Always tell the client that we will be there between x:00 & x:30. In other words give us a half hour leeway to arrive. Always book the appointment on the hour.



                                                                                                                                TOTAL ROOFING CONTRACTORS


Hi!  This is __________________ from Total Roofing Contractors.

Is this Mr/Mrs –A–last_name–B–?

I was just giving you a quick call to let you know that Total Roofing Contractors are going to be in your neighborhood tomorrow afternoon and we will be doing free roof evaluations for everyone.  The evaluation only takes about 15 minutes, and there’s no cost or obligation to you at all.  So, would it be better to come by and see you tomorrow or __________?

If you’ll bear with me one second, I just need to ask you a couple of real quick questions and I’ll let you right off the phone…

Of course, you do still live at –A–address1–B– , correct?

And it is a shingle roof, not a metal roof, correct?

And how old is your roof? [Roof must be at OVER 5 years old]

And you have owned the home for at least 1 year, correct?

And you are the homeowner ?

[(Females) Are you the sole homeowner?

(If not sole HO) Is your husband going to be there as well?]

And just like the neighbors, it is not a town-home, condominium, or manufactured home correct?

Has a insurance adjuster been out to see you in the last year?  [If answer is yes, find out what happened, and add it to the notes]

The last  thing I need is an alternate number…

OK then…Again, it is Total Roofing Contractors; if you’d like to grab a pen and paper, I’d be happy to give you our main office number; just let me know when you’re ready…call on ——————.  Okay then, our representative will have their credentials with them, we are licensed, bonded and insured, and we’ll see you on ___________ at ____________ o’clock, okay?



                                                                                                                   AIR CONDITIONING TELESCRIPT



Hello, this is _________ with (Name of Company), calling in regards to the preventative maintenance on your central Air Conditioner. It’s $_____ , and that includes tax. We go over all the same services that the manufacturer recommends to be done twice a year and the technician will do a very thorough job, he’ll…

·        Check your refrigerant level
·        Wash the Outside
– which some companies charge $____  alone for.
·        Check and tighten all your electrical connections so you don’t pay any extra money on your power bill. (that have to do with the central air conditioner)
·        Add a time released Algaecide tablet to the drain pan, that will alleviate any onset of algae that could clog up the drain line and cause messy flooding in the home
·        Vacuum the drain pan
·        Flush out the drain line
·        Balance and Calibrate your thermostat
·        Perform a visual inspection of all the ductwork in the home, just to make sure there’s no pinched areas or holes just releasing air.

As a Homeowner, you should be informed about those things! We have the technician in your between ___ and ___ on ______. (If that time frame is not good, suggest a different time, and/or day)

Repeat customers name, address and phone number to assure we have the correct information. Also ask the following questions…
1)      You are the homeowner at that address, correct? (if they say YES, move to question #2 – if they say NO, ask to speak to the Homeowner, You must have Homeowners approval to run the lead)

2)      You just have the ONE system, correct? If they say they have more, refer to pricing and give them the correct pricing for that number of units. If they are unsure how many units they have, ask them how many thermostats they have in their home, if they say 1, they have 1 system, if they say 2, they have 2 systems etc…

3)      Do you know the manufacturer of the system?
4)      Do you have a split system (this is an Air Handler & Condenser) or Package Unit  (found in mobile homes)
a.      Is the Air Handler located in the attic or closet?
5)      What size is the system (What Ton, ex. 1.5, 2, 3 etc.)
6)      Is your system a Heat Pump or Straight Cool?
7)      Do we need a ladder access the outside Condenser?
a.      If YES, Is your property 1 story or 2?
b.      If a Condo – How many stories is the building, and is there roof access.
8)      How old is your system?, Because some of our technicians work better with older units, and some work better with newer units.

Great! Mark your calendar so you don’t miss us, we will call you the day of the appointment to confirm and we’ll see you between ___ and ___ on _____.  Have a nice day Mr. or Mrs. ________.


                                                                                                                      --> Keep scrolling down to see different business categories -->

                                                                                            COMFORT & SAFETY PRODUCTS FOR YOUR HOME TELESCRIPT


Hi, may I speak with ______________ please.

Hi, is this  ______________?

Great!  My name is _____ with ______________.  You may have heard of us, we do __________________ & about half a dozen other products to keep people safer, & more comfortable & more independent in their own homes.

Anyway, the reason I’m calling you today is that we have a rep coming to your area next week for a few appointments & I wanted to see if you’d like them to drop by with some information on our products.

Have you ever thought about getting a __________________ ?

If YES, ok, well I can send a rep over, but I won’t be able to schedule a very long meeting because they’re pretty well booked up.  But I’m sure they’ll have ample time to take a look at what might be needed & to answer your questions.

What day works best for you for next week?

And would you prefer morning or afternoon?

(Offer a couple time slots & book it. ) Then get their cell # to send a text message reminder of the appointment & enter it in the Text Message Reminder System to remind them of the appointment the day before the appointment at 6pm Their Local Time.  Also, give them the website ___________.com where they can login with their email and watch 20 short videos answering the most common questions we get about walk in bathtubs.  Let them know that if they watch those before their appointment, they’ll probably get much more out of the brief appointment.  Then schedule the appointment in Google Calendar for the rep.  Do not schedule appointments closer than 2 hours apart.  The first appointment is 9am on any given day.  The last appointment is 7 pm.  Ideal times to schedule are 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, evenings (anytime between 4pm & 7pm) should only be scheduled if a client cannot meet at another time.  Also, NO Sunday appointments are available.  Saturdays should only be booked if the client cannot meet on a weekday.)

If No

Oh……wow!  __________________ , have you ever seen them on TV or in a magazine?

So you know what they look like?

You know the reason they’re so popular is that they’re designed to not only be the most comfortable product out there, but also the safest.

Have you or any of your loved ones noticed it getting harder to __________________ ?

If YES – You know bathrooms & stairwells are the most common place for people to fall, wouldn’t you at least like to get a little information on some things you can do to improve safety for you and your loved ones?  The rep would only have about 30-40 minutes available for you, so it really would be a quick?  Can I go ahead & pencil you in?

IF NO – Does anyone in your home suffer from arthritis or chronic pain, or edema or circulatory problems?  IF YES – You know hydrotherapy is built-in to all of our tubs.  It’s actually used in clinical settings for pain & swelling reduction, as well as a means of increasing circulation.  Wouldn’t you at least like to get a little information on some things you can do to improve quality of life for you and your loved ones?  The rep would only have about 30-40 minutes available for you, so it really would be a quick?  Can I go ahead & pencil you in?

IF NO AGAIN – Do you have stairs in your home, that are a safety concern for anyone?  IF YES – You know stairs are one of the most common places for falls in the home.  Wouldn’t you at least like to get a little information on some things you can do to improve safety & prevent a fall for you and your loved ones?  The rep would only have about 30-40 minutes available for you, so it really would be a quick?  Can I go ahead & pencil you in?


                                                                                                          GENERAL BUSINESS TELESCRIPTS:  ( including insurance and mortgages )

                                                                                     CREDIT CARD PROCESSING-MERCHANT SERVICES TELEMARKETING SCRIPT



Hi I’m looking for the person who handles your credit card processing services?

Hi Mr./Mrs. _____________ My Name is ___________ With _______ we are a direct processing company and  we have been working with a few local businesses in your area helping them to lower their rates on their credit card processing services,  I know you get tons of phone calls about this.

All I want to do is put some numbers in front of you showing you how we saved businesses just like yours on an average of __-__% off their current processing services

I know that you are busy and that your time is very important to you. What time would work best for you to have one of my analyst call you? When you would be able to pull your statement out and sit down and talk with them for a few minutes?


OK Your analyst will be calling you on

(Reconfirm date and time)
Please make sure to have your statement available they will be able to assist with answering all questions and concerns Thank you for your time and have a great day.


                                                                                                            "HOTEL'S ETC."   business opportunity telescript

Good evening, my name is ___________ with Hotel's Etc. ( pause ) Hotel's Etc. is consumer-oriented  company for people who want to save money on staying at over 500,000 fine hotels and resorts nationwide, including select Ramada Inns,  Holiday Inns,  Best Westerns and many more throughout the USA, including Hawaii, that have combined to offer Hotels Etc. members up to 80% off of their standard rates on any length stay.  Now it’s important to point out this is not a 2 for 1 deal, it’s up to 80% off each night no matter how long and is valid 365 days and not just at special times.  This makes Hotels Etc. a valuable savings for everyone! from the frequent business traveler to the one week per year vacationer. 

CALLEE' REACTION  (  the " CALLEE' " is the person being telemarketing to )

Sir or Ms.:->  is this your telephone number?   ( pause ) " Okay, good "   I had to call you this evening because what I just told you was so irresistible to tell you about the best travel and vacation offer anywhere!!  PLEASE SIR, LISTEN TO !THIS:  Just for listening to me tonight:  Hotels Etc. is going to give you  absolutely free! ... a vacation certificate valid for 3 days/2 nights in Hawaii, Las Vegas, Reno, Lake Tahoe, Atlantic city, Disneyland or Disney World!


ALSO SIR, THAT'S NOT ALL! ... your Hotels Etc. membership also comes with a members only web site and up to 80% savings at over 500,000 hotels, condo, resorts, vacation homes, cabins and more worldwide, and discounts on over 1000 different cruises worldwide, golf courses, restaurants, theme parks, dinner shows, tickets, shows, sports, and much more. Members also receive special discount pricing nationwide on car rentals!



HIS QUESTIONS IS ANSWERED:  As a Hotels Etc. member you will save hundreds or even thousands of dollars with all of these fabulous benefits.  Because of the buying power of our large member base, Hotels Etc. can give you all of these savings for only $99.95 for our annual membership or only $995 for our lifetime. You can save this much in one weekend.  (pause)   PLUS Hotels Etc. makes a fine gift for that special friend, so would you like two memberships today, or just the one?


Okay fine, sir
What is your name please? ( Get full first & last)
And you address please? (Ask if St., Ave., etc.)
Is this a house or apt? ( get apt #)

Great,Mr.______________ we have a bonded delivery service in your area today between( time)&( time) who will deliver your Hotels Etc. membership and they will collect the total cost at that time.  Now for our office records, will you be paying the delivery person when they arrive by cash, or check?


Thank you for your order Mrs./Mr. (use name) and I know that you will thoroughly enjoy your next vacation. Bye now. 

                                                                                                              AMERICAN LAW SOCIETY TELESCRIPT 
Good afternoon, may I please speak with *MR. WALTER THORSON, Attorney at Law  ( *fictional telemarketing name. )


Yes, my name is: *MARC PALMER  ( *fictional telemarketing name. ) and I represent the American Law Society headquartered here in New York City.

( pause … )


( pause )


Good afternoon, MR. THORSON. My name is MARC PALMER AND I represent the American Law Society …

( interrupted )


MR. THORSON, did you now that backed by independent research and polls, there is a 72 percent likelihood that a prospective client will conduct an online search of a lawyer, to find the most appropriate form of legal assistance and/or to get an idea of their selected lawyer’s professional career. The end result is the prospective client will always acquire services from the lawyer that took the time to provide detailed information. By taking the time to provide your professional career, accolades, accomplishments and even a short biography, you gain power and the control over your professional image, clear any confusion between yourself and another lawyer with the same and/or similar name as yours, control of  the message and image you want the public, peers and, prospective clients to perceive.


In a way yes. The American Law Society is comprised of lawyers, marketing professionals, and digital technology experts. All lawyers share the same common ground and desire of client growth and to building a successful practice. The American Law Society spends a great deal of time studying digital media and marketing for the legal community and feel the landscape should be a level playing field for a Small firms, Solo practitioners and, a large corporate firms by providing the same tools to market themselves but also the flexibility for those tools to be customized to their specific needs; thus: all lawyers share the same common ground and desire of a client



“ No pun assumed, ATTORNEY THORSON “   ( pause ) .. the best step now is to set up a telephone appointment with one of our senior staff members as  he can better explain everything in more detail and you may also visit our website in the meantime;  it is: americanlawsociety.org.(  AT THIS POINT BOTH PARTIES ARE SETTING UP A TELEPHONE APPOINTMENT. )




                                                                                    --> Keep scrolling down to see different business categories -->
                                                                                                           Medicare Insurance Supplement TeleScript 
Is ____________  home?”

“Hi ____________ , ____________  here, how are you today?”

“Great, the reason I’m calling is that I am reaching out to all people turning 65 in the next year because of the transition onto Social Security and Medicare for most Americans… ____________ , for whom I am calling, has been educating people nearing 65 for nearly 20 years, and would like to find 15 minutes to introduce himself, give you a card at some point in the next week.”

“I realize that between direct mail and other phone calls, you are more than likely getting bombarded with companies and insurance agents wanting to talk with you.  We are different.  Because we have been doing this a long time, we just want to introduce ourselves, talk a little bit about social security,medicare, and medicare supplements, and that is all.  Its a process, and we know this is a big point in everyone’s life so we approach it different.  If you have 15-20 minutes, it would be worth your time to meet ____________ .”


                                                                                                         Health Insurance Script Telephone Script 

                                                                                --> Keep scrolling down to see different business categories -->


Hi, This is _____ with ____________________________ and we are calling small businesses to inform them of a low cost health plan that you are eligible for, which is a group plan designed specifically for small businesses like yourself.  This plan has saved individuals like you a lot of money and improves your medical coverage.  With all of these plans you get to keep all your current doctors!

  • This isn’t a sales call, we just want to verify some of your information and get out a free quote that can save you money on health insurance. This will only take a couple minutes
  • I just need to ask you a couple quick questions so we can make sure you are qualified and get you out the lowest rate quotes with the best coverage possible:
  • Are you currently insured?
  • (If yes) who do you currently buy your health insurance from?
  • What is your age?
  • Do you use tobacco?
  • Is there anyone else to be covered with you on the quote? (Wife or kids)
  • We going to put you in touch with a licensed agent, what’s the best time they can call you when you sitting in-front of your computer?

Thanks for your time.  We’ll have one of our agents call you back ASAP to confirm the time you requested. Have a great day!


                                                                                                        Regular Health Insurance Telemarketing Script


Hello this is _________. I work with _________.  Who may I speak to regarding your current health care cost?
I have talked to a number of small business owners lately who are frustrated with their premiums and wanted to find out if that is a concern of yours?
Most companies are unaware of the significant changes brought on by the _________________. especially how it affects out of pocket cost.
With Just a few simple questions I can have a rate quote generated for you today, from all the major health plan carriers. Along with benefit summaries
This is provided to you at no cost and no obligation.


                                                                                      Turning 65 Medicare Supplement Insurance TeleScript


Good evening, my name is _______________ and I represent ___________ INSURANCE AGENCY .... may I please speak with MR/MRS/MS_____________

REPLY BY CALLEE'  ( a " CALLEE' " is the person receiving the cold-call. )

MR/MS/MRS_____________,  ______________ INSURANCE AGENCY is contacting you today because you have reached 65 years-old and we would like discuss with you, your Medicare Supplemental Insurance options.


Dear MR/MRS/MS________________when an American citizen turns 65 years of age, they have the option to enroll in Medicare; basic Medicare, which includes Parts A and B, cover most of your basic hospital and doctor expenses, respectively. Unfortunately, "most" does not mean "all". The expenses which Medicare does not cover - sometimes referred to as "gaps" in coverage - are what Medicare Supplemental insurance protects you from. It is a private plan designed to cover the medical expenses where Traditional Medicare falls short of the mark.


MR/MSMRS_______________If any of the following scenarios apply to you, then you are already guaranteed "eligible" to purchase Medicare supplemental insurance:

  • You are currently covered under Medicare Parts A & B
  • You are within 6 months of turning 65
  • You are within 6 months of receiving Part B coverage
  • If you are about to lose your group health insurance plan
CALLEE' :  " I SEE "

   .... Please note that you may still be required to answer some medical questions about your overall health and wellness. For further clarification, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at ___________.  You can give us a call later today, if you like.


Based on the convoluted rules of Medicare enrollment, many seniors mistakenly believe that signing up for Medicare Supplement is similarly complicated. The good news is that you can sign up for Medigap insurance at any time. However, there are some "sweet spot" time frames which, if you apply during those opportunities, will make the process much easier:

  1. The Initial Enrollment Period. During your first 6 months of Part B coverage, your acceptance is guaranteed, regardless of your current level of health
  2. The "Guaranteed Issue" Period. If you are on the verge of losing coverage through an employer, you will have a "guaranteed issue" period lasting 63 days where you can purchase any Medicare Supplemental policy with no health questions asked.

ALSO ...... If you apply for a Medicare supplement at any point outside of these time frames, you will likely have to go through the complicated process of medical underwriting and answering lots of invasive health questions. To learn more, and to get help going through the process, call us today at ____________.


 ..... It doesn't matter whether you're struggling to get by, on a fixed income, or enjoying incredible wealth in your golden years - all seniors from all walks of life can benefit from a Medicare supplement insurance policy. Medicare provides standard coverage to every beneficiary, regardless of income. What it does not provide, however, is 100% coverage of your medical costs. Therefore, the more vulnerable you are to the gaps in Medicare coverage, the more you can benefit from the protection of a Medigap policy.


You could contact each and every individual agency by yourself and spend hours filling out the same redundant online forms for quotes, or you can let us do all of the busy work for you. Compare multiple plans, prices, and agencies by filling out our one, simple online quote form today. We can help you get the best possible deal on virtually any available Medicare supplement policy.

* At this point in the telemarketing call:-  contact information is exchanged and perhaps the prospect can be convinced to hopefully sign up for the policy!


                                                                                                                 Auto Insurance Telescript 



Hello, may I speak to __________________ (lead name)?
My name is _____________ (agent name), and I am an agent with Insurance _____________.
I’m calling because a while ago you or someone you know made a request for auto insurance from one of our websites and we are calling to confirm your information and give you a FREE quote. It only takes 5-10 min and company name has specialized in offering quality insurance solutions in your area.

This is FREE. Would you like to go ahead, check our FREE quotes that could save
you a lot of money?

Is your address still ….?
Is your date of birth ….?
Is your car …?
etc etc.

Make sure to ask then IF they are currently insured and IF so, when does the policy expire and what is their carrier

Objections: After answering objection, go back to confirming lead information.

Not interested: It is a FREE quote and could potentially save you some money, are you sure you don’t want to review your info quickly? IF NOT – Thanks for your time and have a great day!

Just bought: I’m glad you found something, but professionally I’m obligated to suggest
a review simply so we can see how much you could save with the NEW plans. It takes just 5-10 minutes to review your info and will cost you nothing.

Didn’t request this information: Oh, I’m sorry to catch you off guard and by surprise.I
don’t need you to buy anything. Maybe a friend or family member saw our ad and
thought of you? The review and information is FREE. Can you spare the 5 minutes?



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