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Telemarketing Sales Process

Wave Telemarketing sales process delivers highly efficient, accurate, secure, and cost-effective results. The Telemarketing Sales Process of routine call center tasks allows our agents to fully focus on their B2B and B2C  ( Business-to-Consumer ) sales leads strategies. Optimal sales process management also contributes to call center optimization.  It saves you the Wave Telemarketing customer: time and money. With our data gathering capabilities, you can also receive customized reporting that is integral to short- and long-term business planning.

We train our dedicated call center agents more thoroughly than anyone else in the industry. This training prepares them to utilize customized sales process solutions during critical interactions. During more than 26 years as a tele-sales leader, Wave Telemarketing continually advances our training and technology to ensure substantial and sustainable returns on your phone room investment.

Improve Tele-Sales Processes. Choose Success. Choose Wave Telemarketing!

With an emphasis on creative technology, we develop customized tools to improve sales lead generation and live appointment-setting processes for our telemarketing clients. We also work collaboratively with each company, business, professional practice-chiropractor, entrepreneur, corporation, etc., to develop brand-specific sales techniques that align perfectly with your goals and values.

Wave Telemarketing as your front-line call center: will integrate with all other relevant departments and systems to provide your customers with a meaningful tele-sales experiences.  Backed by an elite level of call center training , our agents quickly adapt to helping you the telemarketing customer by providing seamless interactions that enhance your brand. With ongoing sales process improvements, we make the most of your time, our time and, most importantly, the customer’s time!                    

Wave Telemarketing offers a winning revenue generation strategy that deliver outstanding results for it's telemarketing customers. Our roots lie in live telemarketing sales appointment-setting and the second-best: ' sales leads. '

Now, what is the difference between a " live sales appointment "  and  a " sales lead?: " ... we are always asked this: the answer is:  a LIVE SALES APPOINTMENT is the actual making and scheduling of a live appointment at a potential customer's residence or a business-owners office; for example: " You have a 2:00 P.M. appointment to give a free termite inspection at Mrs. Ellen Rigg's house on October 9th " :-  this is a Live Sales Appointment!   Now a SALES LEAD is similar to a Sales Appointment however it is does not include an actual time and date or meet-up with the sales lead prospect.     

The Telemarketing Sales Process is the reason we were founded more than 26 years ago. Many of our senior managers started as agents, learning the business from the ground up. They understand the value of treating your business, product, contracting or roofing company, factory, chiropractic practice, etc., as their own. With the most experience and insight of any teleservices team in the industry, we put revenue generation strategies into action! And you see results. Invest for success and increase telemarketing sales with Wave Telemarketing.  We have a laser focus on how to increase telemarketing sales and revenue generation for our clients. You’ll find our sales approach is very different from our competitors. We hire only the best, educated people, providing them with intensive telemarketing sales training. We compensate them well and motivate them every day. The result? An exceptionally committed team that delivers industry leading conversion rates to increase YOUR sales and YOUR revenue!

To us, tele-services isn't about filling call center seats. It's about people connecting with people – whether we’re conducting a telemarketing sales campaigns or setting live appointments or general lead generation our call center agents produce satisfied, and repeat, customers with each cold-call phone interaction.  24 years of experience has taught us QUALITY, NOT QUANITY, is what makes outbound telemarketing campaigns more effective. That's why Wave Telemarketing keeps things trim and targeted! 

Let Wave Telemarketing set up live appointments for your company ( including: " the  second best " which are sales leads [ not an actual appointment but can lead quickly into a live sales appointment! ]  )

Wave Telemarketing identifies and schedules qualified sales appointments for you.  Appointment Setting is our primary service, we are a veteran leader in setting qualified live appointments and sales leads for our customers; resulting in new business when there was none there!

In addition to setting up the appointment; opportunities are identified via Wave Telemarketings' expert cold-calling techniques. The optimum sales results come from cold-calling and appointment setting with prospects who have a need and a budget allocated for your products and/or services.  Wave Telemarketing knows how to get you qualified appointments!

Today, most marketing strategies rely on information that has been practiced for many years. The science of marketing has had many faces throughout time of which many have been successful as well as unsuccessful. You cannot market in today's world with practices that have been taught 10 or more years ago. What many people fail to realize is that there is not a bad marketing idea, just bad marketing strategies. All marketing paths are essentially a necessity, as long as they are done correctly, and changed constantly. Most marketing and telemarketing companies are missing one vital part, constant contact, and interchangeability. 

Wave Telemarketing has implemented a number of marketing strategies that overcome this problem. One of our most important implementations is the option to change a strategy in order to adapt to the current situation, at that current time. We accomplished this by placing a telemarketing associate director in charge of your campaign who is in contact with you during your campaign..  Not only are we here to serve your company or professional practice but we are also here to provide you with an innovative marketing team that has the tools and the capabilities of giving your enterprise the marketing strategies that it needs, at the right time ... so catch the Wave Telemarketing- don't miss them; there are plenty of big ones coming in now! 



                                            Telemarketing Call Center Categories:

The two major categories of telemarketing are ' Business-To-Business ' ( B to B ) ... and Residential or sometimes called:

' Business-To-Consumer ' ( B to C )

Subcategories include:

  • Sales, using persuasion to sell a product or service
  • Outbound, proactive marketing in which prospective and preexisting customers are contacted directly
  • Inbound ( not provided by Wave Telemarketing ) reception of incoming orders and requests for information. Demand is generally created by advertising, publicity, or the efforts of outside salespeople.

Service Styles:

  • Call to Action, the implementation of outbound telemarketing to "activate" or elicit an action or response from prospects, i.e. entice prospects to visit a client's website.
  • Appointment Setting, utilizing inbound or outbound telemarketing to create face-to-face or telephone appointments for sales purposes.
  • Database Cleansing, the outbound calling of databases with the particular purpose to clean and prepare data (i.e. removing outdated and incorrect data) and contact details for future telemarketing campaigns.
  • Surveys, the implementation of telemarketing (can be in-bound or out-bound) with the particular purpose of collecting data and information from specific target markets for qualitative research purposes.
  • Telesales, telemarketing (inbound or outbound) with the specific intention of making an actual sale/transaction over the phone. Often includes the collection of credit card details over the phone for payment purposes, which allows for faster sales cycles and payment confirmation.


Telemarketing may be done from an in-house, company phone room, from a commercial call center, or from a residential-home business office. It may involve a live operator or even " voice broadcasting " which is most frequently associated with political messages.

An effective telemarketing process often involves two or more seperate telephone calls to each potential prospect reached. The first call (or series of calls) determines the customer’s needs. The final call (or series of calls) motivates the customer to make a purchase. Prospective customers are identified by various means, including past purchase history, previous requests for information, credit limit, competition entry forms, and application forms. Names may also be purchased from another company's consumer database or obtained from a telephone directory or another public list. The qualification process is intended to determine which customers are most likely to purchase the product or service.

Charitable organizations, alumni associations, and political parties often use telemarketing to solicit donations. Marketing research companies use telemarketing techniques to survey the prospective or past customers of a client’s business in order to assess market acceptance of or satisfaction with a particular product, service, brand, or company. Public opinion polls are conducted in a similar manner.

Telemarketing techniques are also applied to other forms of electronic marketing using e-mail or fax messages, in which case they are frequently considered spam by receivers.